Asian Economics

GPS.07.SS.SEA.SS7E10 - The student will describe factors that influence economic growth and

examine their presence or absence in India, China, and Japan.

GPS.07.SS.SEA.SS7E10.a - Explain the relationship between investment in human capital

(education and training) and gross domestic product (GDP).

GPS.07.SS.SEA.SS7E10.b - Explain the relationship between investment in capital (factories,

machinery, and technology) and gross domestic product (GDP).

GPS.07.SS.SEA.SS7E10.c - Describe the role of natural resources in a country's economy.

GPS.07.SS.SEA.SS7E10.d - Describe the role of entrepreneurship.


Human Capital


Natural Resources


Moving from Command to Market Economy

  • National literacy 90%;

  • Well trained workforce;

  • Growing Group of Entrepreneurs

  • $24 billion in the Three Gorges Dam to create hydro-electricity;

  • Investment in industry

  • Coal; \

  • Timber;

  • Natural Gas


  • Highly Educated Workforce; 99% literacy

  • Education is competitive for higher paying jobs

  • Idea Place for Entrepreneurs

  • Technology

  • Robotics

  • Nuclear Power

  • Very Little

  • Raw Materials must be imported

  • Food grown on terraces; much food imported


  • Highly Educated Population in the cities

  • Micro Credit Industry loaning money to men and women to start industries

  • Factories

  • Green revolution for farming

  • Outsourcing from the USA

  • Coal

  • Natural Gas